The Best Marble Mold Remover Case Study!

best marble mold remover

Marble mold is unfortunately a pretty common problem especially in your shower. We have published an article that helps guide you through a safe and effective shower mold removal process, but there has been many questions from our readers about which mold remover is most effective so we put together this article to answer these questions. 

We conducted an in-depth look into marble shower cleaners and we tested 5 cleaners on various shower stains, through this review and other reviews we have conducted we have found MarbleLife and MB Stone Care to be the heavy weights of the marble cleaning industry so we decided to put their mildew/mold removers to the test. 

During our detailed testing we found both of these cleaners to be very effective but one cleaner did remain on top... 

The Winner!


The MarbleLife cleaner is very effective at removing surface mold and mold stains with no scrubbing required!

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What you need to know about Marble Countertops Cost!

marble countertops cost

Are you currently planning for a kitchen or bathroom renovation or maybe building a new home and trying to plan and budget for the cost of marble countertops? If so, this is your article!

Pricing of different marble stones is a lot like the pricing of different diamonds. The most beautiful diamonds have no inclusions and are colorless, and the last thing you want to do is pay for a perfect diamond only to receive one with visible inclusions. Picking out marble is no different, by being aware of what drives the cost of marble you can get the best stone for the best price. This article will make you an informed buyer so you can save time and money, and finish the process with beautiful marble countertops!

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Average Marble Countertop Cost

After interviewing 21 marble countertop installation companies and analyzing the cost of 1194 marble slabs we found the average marble countertop cost to vary between $50-250 per square foot. So for an average 40 square foot marble countertop, the average cost of the total marble countertop is $3800.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a more specific number because their are many different factors that determine the cost. However, we will detail each of these driving factors to help you determine what to expect to pay for your countertops. We will also give you some tips to save some time and money while shopping for your marble countertops.


$ 50


$ 250
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The Guide to the Easiest Homemade Marble Poultice

marble poultice

Do you have stains on your marble surface? Well don't worry we have a solution for you! A marble poultice will penetrate deep into your marble's pours and remove those tough stains! This article will detail the easy way to make and use a homemade marble poultice, and the good news is that you can usually make it will supplies that you have around the house! Find out how below!

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The Best Marble Polishing Powder Review

Best Marble Polishing Powder

Etch Marks can really ruin the beautiful look of a marble surface. Luckily marble polishing powder can easily remove these annoying marks with relative ease. This article reviews and details the use of MB Stone Care's MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder. Once you have read this buyers guide you will know how to remove marble etch marks quickly and easily and which tools you will need to get the job done!

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The Truth About How to Clean Marble

how to clean marble

Marble is one of the most beautiful home accents you can add to home, and Marble's beautiful classic look will add value to any type of room whether is a bathroom or atrium. However, if marble is not cared for correctly, over time, marble's great look will degrade and a lot of its beauty and value that your marble once provided will be gone.

Contrary to what you read all over the Internet, marble cleaning and care is not that difficult; if you consistently follow a few simple steps. This article will go through these steps in detail for various types of marble whether it's marble countertops, marble floors, or maybe a marble shower. Once you have finished this article you will know how to clean marble and maintain it so you can save your time and money for other things!

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The Easy Way to Remove Soap Scum from Marble

remove soap scum from marble

Soap scum is a very common problem with marble showers. If not cared for correctly, soap scum can easily build up on your marble and before you know it that beautiful marble that you once had in your shower is dull and unattractive. This article will tell you how to remove soap scum from your marble and how to prevent it in the future. The process is really quite easy, lets get started!

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How to Remove Marble Mold the Easy Way


Mold in showers is a very common problem, and marble mold is no different. Mold is unpleasant at the very least. It is unattractive, smells bad, and can in some cases be bad for your health. Unfortunately, removing mold can be a huge pain, and difficult in some cases. This article solves this problem and will tell you everything you need to know to remove marble mold, and how to prevent it in the future. 

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Ultimate Buyers Guide to the Best Marble Shower Cleaner

The Best Marble Shower cleaner

After reading through hundreds of websites trying to find the best marble shower cleaner we could not seem to find a satisfactory guide to the best marble shower cleaner. Therefore, we toke that research and developed our own ultimate buyers guide to the best marble shower cleaner.

After 11 hours of research on the web we found 5 highly recommended shower cleaners that we acquired and tested. After 7 hours of testing we concluded that the best marble shower cleaner is the MarbleLife's Bathroom Cleaner Kit. It does a great job of tackling daily cleaning and also provides stain cleaning power to shower specific stains like soap scum and grout stains!

Runner Up

Marble Shower Cleaner

MB Stone Care's Bath and Shower Kit has some serious cleaning power. This is a close second for the best Marble Bathroom Cleaner!  

The Winner

marble shower cleaner

Our Recommended Marble Shower Cleaners

You can't beat MarbleLife's Marble Bathroom Cleaner Kit. This kit handles most of your shower troubles. From Soap Scum to Grout Cleaner; MarbleLife's products do the heavy lifting!

*At the time of writing this. 

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